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Welcome to the first of many Slick-Gamers SOTF Tournaments!
To start of i will tell you about the Rates that is going to be set on this server.
Gathering x7
Experience x10
Taming x5
Game Length will be set to 2.5Hrs (2hours and 30minutes)
We are going to have 30 Tribes competing against eachother which means 60 people will be in the SOTF Tournament so if you want in you will need to register as fast as you can!

1ST place tribe: 100 USD (50usd each)
2ND Place tribe: 50 USD (25USD each)
3RD Place tribe: 25 USD (12.50USD each)

2 players in each tribe.
Both of you need to be 18+ (age)
You need to have PayPal so we can transfer the money.

SOTF Tournament will be hosted 25th September 2015, 21:00 CEST

If you have a friend who you know is 18+ feel free to invite him/her to this group and spread the word.

This event is Sponsored by Stinger from Slick-Gamers

You can sign up here http://slickgamers.eu/events/

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