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    Update 218.3

    8 October 2015 , by Stinger

    Current Version: v218.3 * Quetz platforms now include the weight of all pawns based on them, including the inherent pawn carry weight, causing encumbrance when carrying very large dinos. * Raised Max KillZ being too low causing some characters to die on a high-flying Quetz platform * Fixed Quetz damage / warpaint overlay * Tranq Dart Torpidity effe... Read more

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    New Website updates

    8 October 2015 , by Stinger

    Been doing a few updates on the website and have been thinking of taking Slickgamers to a new level, More game servers not just ARK, what other games would u guys want to see us host ? tell me in the comments below. Read more

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    Mesopithecus! Update v204.0

    28 August 2015 , by Stinger

    Current Version: v204.0 * New Creature: Mesopithecus! This little buddy can ride on your shoulder and help you out of all sorts of scraps… 😉 * New Item: Primitive Smoke Grenades! * Angled Roofs for Thatch/Wood/Stone/Metal tilesets! Courtesy of MechanizedIT, thank you, you’re the best!! Roofing v0.8.1 (WIP) A Workshop Item for ARK: Survi... Read more

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    Doedicurus v202.0

    26 August 2015 , by Stinger

    v202.0 * New Creature: Doedicurus! * New Item: Primitive Organic Automated Turret * New Item: Automatic Spray-Paint ‘Gun’ * Do a Barrell Roll! Ptero’s can now unleash a devastating Barrell Roll Attack+Speed-Boost with the Crouch button ([C] by default) * Servers can now edit a multiplier for player and dino level-upgrade amounts p... Read more

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