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    New Website updates

    8 October 2015 , by Stinger

    Been doing a few updates on the website and have been thinking of taking Slickgamers to a new level, More game servers not just ARK, what other games would u guys want to see us host ? tell me in the comments below. Read more

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    6 September 2015 , by Stinger

    Hello guys, server has been down for about 24 hours, this is due to my host made a Unscheduled maintenance to upgrade my server machine, but dont worry everything is saved! Read more

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    How to Join new server!

    30 August 2015 , by Stinger

    First Rightclick the Steam Icon As shown in the image below Second Press servers After you went to servers click on ADD A SERVER Last type in the IP and click on Find games at this address then press Add selected game server to favorites Thats it you should now be able to see the server in your favorites... Read more

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    Dedicated server!

    30 August 2015 , by Stinger

    Hello guys! Wonderful news. we have started the filetransfer to our Dedicated server which will mean no more crazy lag! you can join the server simply by going to unofficial servers and search for Slickgamers, or you can add to your favorites! Happy gaming from the team of Slickgamers! Read more

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    [Slick-Gamers] SOTF Tournament

    26 August 2015 , by Stinger

    Welcome to the first of many Slick-Gamers SOTF Tournaments! To start of i will tell you about the Rates that is going to be set on this server. Gathering x7 Experience x10 Taming x5 Game Length will be set to 2.5Hrs (2hours and 30minutes) We are going to have 30 Tribes competing against eachother which means 60 people will be... Read more

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    Welcome to Slick-Gamers

    25 August 2015 , by Stinger

    Welcome to Slick gamers, we only have one rule to stay in this group and that is you need to be 18+ age. Here at Slick-Gamers you will find an Awesome gaming community were everyone is chatty and friendly, we play alot of ARK: Survival Evolved but ofcourse we do play other games aswell, add one of us on friends... Read more

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